The Region of Murcia is located in the southeast of Spain, between Andalusia and Valencia. Its capital is the city of Murcia.

It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers. The average annual temperature is 18 º.

Murcia is characterized by its old history of commerce and agriculture. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthagineans , Romans and Moors. Today there are many places that speak of its Moorish past, specially in Murcia City and surroundings. One of the most impressive Moorish heritage buildings is in fact behind LA POSTIZA Residency: Monteagudo’s Castle, s. XII.

The old town in Murcia capital is situated next to the Segura River, with historical streets that keep the names of the guilds that used to work there, such as the commercial names of Platería (silversmith’s), Trapería (drapers) and Vidrieros (glaziers). There are also remains of the old heritage buildings from the XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries.










But Murcia capital is also Today a vibrant medium size city, bustling and energetic. City squares and laneways are alive with people of all ages, enjoying part, cultural activities, live music and an exciting choice of outdoor dining venues and bars. When visiting the city, it is compulsory to stop at our traditional restaurants to taste the murcian gastronomy.

The city is very accessible to its citizens and visitors; in the middle of a very dynamic area and with a climate which invites you to be on the street, this lively, dynamic and modern city opens its doors to everybody.

The cultural scene is enriched by activities and events that take place throughout the year, like expositions, exhibitions, festivals, competitions. More and more emergent independent art spaces are contributing to enrich this cultural scene.