1. Setting

Urban / Rural

 A typical local house in a historical moorish location: La Cueva (Monteagudo District) in a fertile area/farm. An authentic and confortable space, only 20/30 mins by bus / bike to the city centre.

2. Resources in the house

  •    3 rooms
  •    1 bathroom
  •     Internet Connection
  •    Garden
  •    3 Bikes for all the residents
  •    Common Areas Cleaning Service

3. Type and size of studios in the house

A studio with a big table inside + patio/garden + garage working space

4. Accommodation 

room + exhibition + promotion + support + official certificate (if requested)
(price person/month)

  • 3 Individual Rooms : 850 €
  • 1 Double Room: 600 €

* Support:

  1. Pick up airport/train/bus station
  2. Information about cultural and touristic Murcia
  3. Information about art supplies
  4. Drive to the art supply


5. Paid by host

Unfortunately there are no grants at the moment because we have neither public nor private funding but we will be happy assisting artists seeking grants in their country or institution, by providing an invitation letter or preparing a detailed budget.

Here you have some information about getting funding: FUNDING

The artists can also save money (partially/totally) giving a workshop / course.

The cost of lodging includes a private or shared room in a house totally equipped: kitchen, fridge, patio, electricity, gas, water, living areas cleaning, printer/scanner, service of towels and sheets and free internet connection.


Room 1


Room 2

6. Extra services (not included)

  • Meals
  • Room cleaning Service
  • Spanish Lessons
  • Local Products Adquisition
  • Cooking  Lessons
  • Cultural trips and City tours
  • Seaside trips
  • Wood delivery

7. Outcome

Final Collective Exhibition at our partner centre or other spaces, promotion in social networks and local news, networking (meetings every two weeks) & oficial certificate (if requested).

8. Age and nationality

There is not limit of age or any nationality condition for applying.


9. Other activities at the space

  •    Ocasional workshops / courses
  •    Ocasional gigs
  •    Ocasional round tables
  •    Ocasional festivals
  •    Ocasional presentations
  •    Summer Cinema
  • Exhibitions






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