OBSESSIO comes from the latin term meaning siege. It is a psychic disturbance produced by a mania that persistently , assails our mind. The artist tends to feel confortable in a recurring theme, motif or behavior world which lead him to repeat it again and again. Eroticism, time, infinite, submission …
2016-2017 will be focused on this topic through several programs and activities starting in September analyzing some artists’ work and focus: Yayoi Kusama, Jon Rafman, The Arka Group, Laurel Nakadate, Marina Abramović or Cindy Sherman among others.


The program is opened to writters, experimental film and collage makers, photographers, painters, environmental installators and performers.

The program will start September 15th and will finish December 15th, 2016. Minimum stay one month, maximum three.

Every two weeks there will be round tables around them in different perspectives and about every angle of their work. A collective exhibition with the results will be shown in an art centre in Murcia.