The artist-in-residence programme aims to stimulate creativity through interaction with the local environment, artists and cultural institutions, and seeks to foster crosscultural relations between participants and the local artistic community in Murcia.

At the same time, we empower interaction with Murcia society and culture, encouraging collaboration with local and national artists.

The curatorial perspective and artistic projects to be developed during the residency program are expected to present a substantial relationship with the local setting.

The main objective is to offer the opportunity to spend some time in the simple recreation, research and renewal of its sights. Get out of your everyday life can contribute a lot when it is viewed from outside and it can redirect the artistic practice.



PILOT PROGRAM : trial & error
Sept-Dec 2014
Visual art

tumblr_nbmvme6Y2Y1tlc5yho1_1280-1A pilot program, also called a feasibility study or experimental trial, is a small-scale, short-term experiment that helps an organization learn how a large-scale project might work in practice.

A good pilot program provides a platform for the organization to test logistics, prove value and reveal deficiencies before spending a significant amount of time, energy or money on a large-scale project. Typically, a pilot program begins with a proposal that lists the objectives of the pilot program and documents how the program will be carried out. The documentation should also provide a time-line for the pilot and metrics for how success will be determined.


IMAG1401Trial and error is a fundamental method of solving problems. It is characterised by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success, or until the agent stops trying. It is an unsystematic method which does not employ insight, theory or organised methodology. Trial and error is also a heuristic method of problem solving, repair, tuning, or obtaining knowledge.

Mariko Hori (Japan)
Mariana Russell (USA)
Thibaud Guichard (France)
Sozi Constantinidou (Ciprus)
Dani Barceló (Spain)
Germán Rama (Spain)




Jan – April 2015


Duration/Dates: 10 January – 10 March; dates are not predetermined but are nominated by artist

Eligibility: Emerging and mid-career artists; minimum age of 25

Residency Fee: 50 euros. It will be deducted from the final price.

Baroque is a form of artistic expression most commonly associated by its character of excess, but also being object of spectacle, virtuosity, commerciality, mythic proportions, and intertextuality.

The word ‘baroque’ does originate, after all, from the Romance languages, meaning “rough pearl” or “elaborate” when seeking the Latin root “roca”, meaning stone. Logic would dictate that baroque, and consequently the neo-baroque, are founded on the idea of creating something of a lasting and sculpted effect.

LA POSTIZA residency is based in Murcia, a city with a long old baroque tradition. Music, arquitecture, sculpure, literature and other manifestations are visible in its heritage. From the 16th century, and particularly the 18th century, onwards that Murcia achieved an urban splendour that lead to its expansion beyond the city walls. We would like to start from this point to build a contemporary  photography project  about the ‘culture of excess’ traditional influence in Society, even in hugely depressed environments, as a twentyfirst-century manifestation.


Maneesha Bauguna (Australia)
Laura Regev (Canada)
Katrine Sloth (Denmark)
Juan Francisco Jiménez (Spain)
Carmen Vidal (Spain)
Mateo Rubio (Spain)
Angel Castillo (Spain)
Ana García Segura (Spain)
Teresa Arnal (Spain)
David Flores (Spain)
Silvia (Spain)


trans·mu·ta·tion (trăns′myo͞o-tā′shən, trănz′-)
May – July 2015



This program is about transformation in general.
We are planning to bring some Spanish street artists and other disciplines in connection with other artists coming from other countries to work around:

renewing / improving (?)
– territory
– people
– meanings
– behaviours
– things

a. The act or an instance of transmuting; transformation.

b. The state of being transmuted.


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