(Sept –  December 2015)


Georgina Brinkman y Alex Wight (Uk) desde Sidney

Johan Sandās desde Finlandia

Linus Hasselber desde Suecia

Local artists:

Pablo López Jordán
Úrsula Bravo


Image + Word | FAN-ZINE
(January –  April 2016)


Words, image, self edition, illustration, poetry, collage,fanzine and Murcia region.

Poets, illustrators, photographers, painters, paper crafters, fanziners, designers:

You are all welcome to our “WORD + IMAGE program” to work in desktop publishing fanzines with an only requirement: including somehow social or political reality of Murcia (Spain). Your perspective and new points of view are important for us. Of course, not all the art work must be about Murcia, but even subtly it can be interesting.

The purpose of LA POSTIZA “WORD + IMAGE program” is to contact international and local artists and facilitate the production of finished works that will be presented to the public. LA POSTIZA Artist in Residence Program accepts applications from innovative artists working in the following disciplines:
• Writing
• Illustration
• Collage
• Design
• Paper craft

From 15th January to 10th April you will be able to spend one month, two or three with us, working on your own or in collaboration with others. Both foreign and local artists are welcome. At the end of the program there will be an exhibition to show the results and national promotion.

Selection is based on artistic excellence and the capacity to contribute to a wider cultural discourse. There are no specified outcomes for the residency, however, artists are encouraged to present their work or do a talk, workshop for the local community group. LA POSTIZA will help set this up for interested artists in this opportunity.